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II.1.a-b (2016) In accordance with my contract for FA 160-02 I completed this body of work using canvas, acrylic, embroidery floss, and electrical tape. 

II. Secondary Body of Work: Honors Option


In addition to the principal body of work, the Student will complete a secondary body of work in order to receive Honors credit for FA 160-02 during the Fall Semester (September 6, 2016 through December 21, 2016). Upon completion the secondary body of work will be on display in the basement of the library. This body of work will embody the following proposition:


  1. A collection of four (4) coats that explore the parameters of painting as a medium. The Student will expand on their idea set forth in the principal body of work and develop a deeper understanding of obsession, necessity, and vanity. The Student will craft the coats from canvas typically reserved for traditional painting and sew them so their shape and form is identical. The Student will employ techniques from their principal body of work (textual illusionism), but will not limit the creation of the coats to painting on canvas. The Student will employ textile and fiber techniques (i.e. knitting, weaving, embroidery, etc.) to complement the painted textual illusionism. The textiles added on the coats will be conceived from found objects (i.e. paper towels, dental floss, telephone wires, etc.) Influences derive from the following:

​                       a.  Those aforementioned in I.1.a-c.

           b. The Arte Povera Movement: the use of everyday objects; contrast between

              new and old; assemblage; Alighiero Boetti’s woven maps

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