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I work with artists and galleries


Database (remote or in-house)

Create and/or edit your online database of artwork inventory, contacts, sales, press, etc. Reorganize an existing database or implement a new one. I recommend Artwork Inventory or Art Record.

Set up an Artsy site.

Grants and Residencies (remote or in-house)

Identify applicable grants and residencies and create a spreadsheet to make it easy for you to apply. Apply for said grants and residencies on your behalf.

Press Reach-Out (remote or in-house)

Put together a spreadsheet of applicable writers and their contact information that might be interested in your work. Assist in reaching out to said writers on your behalf.

Artist Website (remote or in-house)

Create, edit, and/or update your online portfolio. I recommend Wix, as it allows for the most creative freedom, but I can work with your preferred platform as well. I have experience with SquareSpace, Format, and Made with Color.

Studio Organization (in-house)

Go through studio space to maximize efficient workflow. Clean out old supplies, organize in-house inventory and supplies. Sell unwanted items on eBay or Craigslist on your behalf.

Artwork Preparation (in-house)

Prep canvases (cutting and assembling stretcher bars and gessoing canvases)

Cut paper for drawings

Order supplies

Package artwork to be sent out


Need something else not listed above? Perhaps I can help! Drop a line, I'd love to work with you. Long or short term projects.

Previous Clients


Colette Robbins

Chloe Wise

Hilary Harkness



One Mile Gallery

Pierogi Gallery

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